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"TMMC's service is exceptional. As Board President, I think of TMMC as an invaluable partner, making my job not just easier, but  possible. They provide excellent customer service and are an invaluable support to our community. Their attention to detail and  deep expertise allow me to focus on the the big picture items of managing the neighborhood with the confidence that nothing is  slipping through the cracks. Our representative and all of the support staff at TMMC are professional, responsive, and dedicated and  I highly recommend them to any neighborhood seeking a new management company."

At TMMC our motto is simple, Hands on Management by People Who Care.  TMMC takes pride in the hands-on service we provide to our clients.  Our highest priority is exceptional customer service. We strive to build a relationship with each of our Board of Directors as well as the members of the community to give a personal touch. With TMMC you are not just a property. We understand the needs of the Board, residents and contractors, and we excel in the services we provide you through communication, transparency and integrity.  
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"I have worked for HOA’s that TMMC managed on large loss reconstruction claim for a fire that destroyed a condo building displacing 24 families during Christmas week. That job could not have come at a worse time for the families affected by that fire. I watched TMMC work countless hours through the nights and on weekends to make sure that the needs of those unit owners were met. I was able to observe TMMC every step of the way, sitting in on board meetings and working with them on complex issues...